FunGuy Studio rejoins with other pinoy game developers in celebrating the Philippine Game Festival at SMX Convention Convention Center last October 3-4, 2014. Maintaining its goal in “making games and bringing game ideas to life through creativity and innovation”, the festival is on its fifth year in promoting and improving the gaming industry in the country. FunGuy Studio, being one of the supportive members of the Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP), has showcased its game products and technologies to encourage students, young professionals and enthusiasts to liven up the Philippine game industry.

FunGuy Studio is one of the exhibitors of the event. They prepared a booth to let guests try on their latest demo game ‘The Freakshow’ using the Oculus rift gadget. The game is a side project of FunGuy developers done accumulative in 6 weeks. For more information about the game, read this article (link to the other article). FunGuy Studio also offered guests a chance to be part of their team. They had a registration booth where students and interested game enthusiasts could fill up an application and experience the fun and exciting work at FunGuy! The company accepts trainees and OJTS who want to start exploring, understanding and enjoying the game career path.

PGF is hosted by the Game Development Association of the Philippines. This year, the festival acquired its newly given acronym ‘PGF’ from ‘PGDF’, with its inspiring and engaging “LIVE TO PLAY” theme. The event was filled with different faces from various industries from business to games. Sen. Benigno “Bam” Aquino himself also experienced the euphoria of enticing concepts and overflowing ideas waiting to be discovered.

GDAP continues to promote and encourage young individuals in pursuing a career in the game industry. They give emphasis on how the gaming business opens doors of opportunities to many people. FunGuy Studio continues to support and aim for this goal as they create quality games and promote 100% pinoy concepts as well.


About FunGuy Studio

FunGuy Studio Inc. is a game development company in the Philippines that develops games for Facebook, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and now supports development for Xbox and Playstation. It also provides game development services for Business Apps, Ecommerce, CMS and corporate website development, 2D and 3D animation and Mobile Marketing. The company is also a member of the GDAP where FunGuy Studio’s co-founder became the president in 2011-212 and vice-president from 2012 to present.

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