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Ask Steve

Ask Steve

From the studio to your phone, Ask Steve the app now gives you the chance to answer and ask those crazy questions about life’s greatest dilemmas. Ask Steve is everybody’s favorite segment on the hit daytime talk show STEVE HARVEY. You love the show now it’s time to play the game.

Let’s go to the audience; it’s time for Ask Steve!

Inspired by the fan-favorite segment of the daytime show, We Play Media has taken the classic “What would you do?” question and gamified it into a social sharing platform. Players can compare their answers to questions on everyday dilemmas that fall under various categories including friendship, family, romance, and business. Select a trending topic and jump right in with issues that test your moral compass, pull at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone. Test your knowledge of pop culture, entertainment, business and more! Each predicament will ask that all-important question: “What would you do?” Every question has three answers. Choose the most popular answer and Bam! Win Big Baller Shot Caller In-App CA$H.