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Our Services.

Our studio has been developing software for the technology and entertainment industries, building a solid business foundation and a trustworthy brand not only in the Philippines but across the world. Our principle? Making the game that you want made!

Game Design & DevelopmentĀ 

We offer the full pipeline of game development services!

iOS, Android, PC & Social

Conceptualization and Pre-Production

Prototyping / Wireframing




Live operation


Game Art Production

We provide a multitude of art-styles for your game art needs. We work with an experienced, skilled and multi-talented creative team that promises to deliver on quality and expectations at a fair price

2D & Concept art

3D Art & Rendering


Enterprise App Development

Apart from games, we can also develop mobile apps based on what you need. The mobile app trend is ever-evolving, and we can help you integrate your brand and keep up with the mobile lifestyle of your target market. We are happy to collaborate with you in order to develop mobile apps that offer engaging designs and user experiences.

Development of web apps: CMS / eCommerce platforms

Mobile applications with CMS supports

Digital Marketing

Resourcing Services

Need to outsource? We can provide you with the manpower that you need!

Providing resources on a managed service model by selecting the role type and volume that you want on an ongoing basis.

Secure both contract and permanent resources for our partners

Fast and effective means to building the right team

Staff and facility resourcing


We're with you from step 1! We can help mold and flesh out your idea for a game or app!


From there, we can begin making estimates and a timeline based on the concept and what resources you are willing to work with.


We can then prepare the Game Design Document and the Technical Design Document for the game/app.


We can then prepare the Game Design Document and the Technical Design Document for the game/app.


Here, we take care of the coding/programming and generation of art assets needed.

Quality Assurance

We also provide testing cycles and bug-fixes to make sure the game is in top-shape.


Once the game / app is in a launch-ready state, we help you launch the game out on Android/iOS/PC.

Live Ops & Maintenance

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance for the launched game / app.