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Sending customizable greeting cards and notes is now possible with Write4Postal, an iOS card maker app that enables users to design their own cards and notes using their own handwriting/drawing or in-app templates. At a starting price of $2.99, Write4Postal will print and mail each card/note to the recipient’s doorsteps.

Write4Postal App gives users easy ways to layout and design their own greeting cards and notes using the app’s templates or their own handwriting and drawing. Users can choose from two options of what product they want to create: Card or Note. For card-making, they can choose between a thank you card template or a fully-customizable blank card. For Note-making, users can choose between two blank note paper colors. The app also enables users to adjust the font thickness and width, choose what colors they want, design it with photos and adjust its size.

Start making unique cards for your loved ones and make them feel extra special through your sweet thoughts using Write4Postal. The app brings back the excitement of opening the mailbox and reading a card especially made to melt one’s heart.